The Wepler - Fondation La Poste Award

Rewards contemporary literature

The Wepler-Fondation La Poste Award is one of Paris’s unmissable literary events. It is the occasion to select France’s most talented writers and reward them for their work.

On Monday, November 9, 2015 at the Brasserie Wepler

Pierre Cendors, Archives du vent Le Tripode

Mary Dorsan, Le présent infini s'arrête P.O.L

Douna Loup, L'oragé Mercure de France

Lise Charles, Comme Ulysse P.O.L

Michaël Ferrier, Mémoires d'outre-mer Gallimard

Mathieu Riboulet, Entre les deux il n’y a rien Verdier

Antoine Choplin, Une forêt d'arbres creux La Fosse aux ours

Pascal Herlem, La sœur L'arbalète/Gallimard

Pierre Senges, Achab (séquelles) Verticales

Sophie Divry, Quand le diable sortit de la salle de bain Noir sur blanc/Notabilia

Jean-François Kervéan, Animarex Robert Laffont

Benoît Vincent, Farigoule Bastard Le Nouvel Attila

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Winners 2015

The Prize
Pierre Senges, Achab (séquelles)

The reader will discover here the true tale of the adventures of Ahab, the so-called Captain, who survived his last battle against an immense sea creature. We will see how this wooden-legged survivor tried to sell his account of the great whale to the highest bidder, firstly as a Broadway musical comedy and then as a Hollywood screenplay. Along the way, we will meet Cole Porter and his chorus girls, but also Cary Grant, Orson Welles, Joseph von Sternberg or Scott Fitzgerald, drowned in alcohol, as well as a host of dubious producers.

The Special Mention
Lise Charles, Comme Ulysse

From 1953 until his death in 1978, the painter Norman Rockwell lived in Stockbridge, a small town in Massachusetts. There, his work was notably featured on several covers for the Saturday Evening Post, occasionally using town residents as models. According to the tale recounted in this novel, towards the end of his life he painted Rebecca, a young girl from Stockbridge.

The spirit behind the Prix Wepler

The Prix Wepler-Fondation La Poste was founded by Marie-Rose Guarniéri (Librairie des Abbesses) and the Fondation La Poste. Today, Michel Bessière perpetuates the cultural effervescence that the Brasserie Wepler has always known.
The Prix Wepler-Fondation La Poste is one of the unmissable literary events of the autumn.
The concept is simple: thanks to a system of turning jury members, who showcase literary excellence, the Prix Wepler-Fondation La Poste aims to loosen the constraints of literary machinery by opening up doors from the left bank to the right bank. It is not just a geographical move, but the desire to embark on an alternative critical adventure, one that is passionate, and one that distances itself from a certain “autumnal” collective enthusiasm focused on a small minority of books that can be found in other parts of the literary world.

The Jury’s philosophy

The Prix Wepler pays tribute to the literature of contemporary and past writers such as Céline, Prévert, Boris Vian, Max Jacob, Paul Verlaine, Henry Miller and more.
Academics to institutions have found refuge in Montmartre. In keeping with its libertarian tradition, the award represents a political opening in cultural sponsoring and private initiative. By supporting more challenging literary works, whose ambition is not purely commercial, this initiative allows the written word to distance itself from marketing.
Thanks to the Fondation La Poste, the award has €10,000 at its disposal for the winner, as well as €3,000 for the special mention given to a book that stands out from the others thanks to its unclassifiable character.


It was back in 1998, the year of its foundation, that the Librairie des Abbesses bookshop made a particular appeal to the Fondation La Poste, the daring patron recognised for its wide variety of cultural and editorial initiatives, as well as the Brasserie Wepler, the star of Place de Clichy, and the legendary haunt of many contemporary and past writers, including Céline, Prévert, Boris Vian, Max Jacob, Francis Jammes, Stéphane Mallarmé, Paul Verlaine, Henry Miller and many more.
These are all names who defied the academics and institutions of their era, and who came to seek refuge in Montmartre.
In tribute to their literature, an original troika was born between an independent bookshop, a famous brasserie and an emblematic public company.
The prize is already fifteen years old, and has been awarded to 29 different authors, who have each benefitted from the prize sponsorship. These 29 authors are unclassifiable, yet magnificent, inaccessible, yet overwhelming…
With a perpetual sense of curiosity, the Prix Wepler-Fondation La Poste attempts in its own way to bridge the gaps in literary appreciation. Its ambition? To defend a literary point of view that celebrates adventures in words.

The Awarded Prizes


The price

Jean-Hubert Gailliot, le Soleil L’olivier


Special mention

Sophie Divry, La Condition pavillonnaire Noir sur Blanc

The price

Marcel Cohen, Sur la scène intérieure Faits aux éditions Gallimard


Special mention

Philippe Ramhy, Béton armé Editions de la Table Ronde

The price

Leslie Kaplan, Millefeuille P.O.L


Special mention

Jakuta Alikavazovic, La blonde et le bunker Editions de l’Olivier

The price

Eric Laurrent, les Découvertes Editions de Minuit


Special mention

François Dominique, Solène Verdier

The price

Linda Lê, Cronos Christian Bourgois éditeur


Special mention

Jacques Abeille, Les jardins statuaires Éditions Attila

The price

Lyonel Trouillot, Yanvalou pour Charlie Actes Sud


Special mention

Hélène Frappat, Par effraction Allia

The price

Emanuelle Pagano, Les mains gamines P.O.L


Special mention

Céline Minard, Bastard Battle Éditions Léo Scheer

The price

Olivia Rosenthal, On n’est pas là pour disparaître Verticales


Special mention

Louise Desbrusses, Couronnes, boucliers, armures P.O.L

The price

Pavel Hak, Trans Seuil


Special mention

Héléna Marienské, Rhésus P.O.L

The price

Richard Morgiève, Vertig Denoël


Special mention

Zahia Rahmani, “Musulman” Roman Sabine Wespieser Éditeur

The price

François Bon, Daewoo Fayard


Special mention

Jean-Louis Magnan, Anti-Liban Verticales

The price

Éric Chevillard, Le vaillant petit tailleur Minuit


Special mention

Alain Satgé, Tu n’écriras point Seuil

The price

Marcel Moreau, Corpus scripti Denoël


Special mention

Thierry Beinstingel, Composants Fayard

The price

Yves Pagès, Le théoriste Verticales


Special mention

Brigitte Giraud, À présent Stock

The price

Laurent Mauvignier, Apprendre à finir Minuit


Special mention

Richard Morgiève, Ma vie folle Pauvert

The price

Antoine Volodine, Des anges mineurs Seuil


Special mention

Vincent de Swarte, Requiem pour un sauvage Pauvert

The price

Florence Delaporte, Je n’ai pas de château Gallimard